Women in the US spend more virtual money than men

A recent study by International Game Technology and Double Crown Casino has shown that US women bet 30% more virtual money in social online casinos than men. Social casinos are websites that offer traditional casino games such as roulette, poker and slot machines as part of the social media where virtual chips can be played, not real money.

The Social Casino Indexes is the first study to address the relatively recent phenomenon of social casinos. The study builds on the insights gained from the gaming behavior of 6 million people playing at DoubleDown Casino on Facebook each month.

The women who lose the most virtual chips are in the age group of 45 to 55 years. While men lose up to 7.6 million in play money, women in this age group are up to 10 million per game.

From this study, which is the first of its kind, interesting conclusions can be drawn in terms of player behavior. The results are of course from the USA, but it can be assumed that it should look similar in Europe.

60% of the players in Nevada are women
Residents of the states of Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming play mainly in social media casinos
In Hawaii, 20% more people play on their mobile devices than in other states
In Maine, 25% fewer people play on their mobile devices than in other states
The results of the complete study can be found here in English:


It is generally assumed that more men fall victim to gambling addiction than women. However, the findings of this new study may be of concern to those organizations that believe that gambling with virtual money can lead to real money gambling and is therefore the first step towards gambling addiction. In this context, less thought is given to women of the above age group than to younger players, who may not be quite so aware of the difference between virtual money and play money.

It is to be hoped that everyone will keep an eye on the difference between real and virtual money.