The 5 best casinos for tourists in the UK

London, England – Whether you are planning a trip to the UK or are already on vacation, a visit to one of the chic casinos in England is a must. And if you only know poker from your phone or just play online, then make sure to stop by one of the recommended casinos here to experience the real casino feeling.
1. The Hippodrome Casino – Leicester Square, London

Many tourists from all over the world recommend this casino. We all know how stringent tourist attractions are rated by visitors, and this casino has received the best rating of all London casinos!

If you play in this casino, you can check off two points on your travel list. Not only do you play in a top casino, you also get an insight into the history and heritage of London. Even if you spend several hours in this casino, you do not need to feel guilty because, after all, you’re just doing a cultural excursion.

One of the curious stories about Hippodrome Casino says that in the middle of the building was a huge swimming pool where acrobatic dwarfs jumped from the ceiling!

Highlights: The casino has 3 massive floors with a huge selection of casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Casino War, Slots, Craps, Baccarat and many others. Profits are remunerated immediately. You can win money, vouchers for food and drinks or tickets for raffles. There’s a real treat for poker fans as they play 24-hour Texas No Limit Hold’em, dealer picks and pot-limit Omaha on the PokerStars live floor at the casino. This poker area is very popular with London poker players. Here you can watch experienced poker players play live at the Deep Stack Hold’em table, where there is no maximum bet size.

2. The Aspers Casino – Stratford, London

The Aspers in Stratford has not been around for very long, but it’s about to become the most popular tourist casino. Since gambling has become more popular in the UK, this casino offers plenty of play opportunities not only for advanced players but also for beginners who want to try their luck. The casino is located next to a large shopping center.

Highlights: Aspers Stratford has more games than a conventional casino in the UK. There are 150 slot machines, 70 table games and 8 live sports betting terminals available. The visitors also rave about the good food and drinks in the casino. The food is cheap here so you can refuel to continue your game at the casino.

3. Palm Beach Casino – Berkeley Street, London

This casino is located in a posh district of London and is frequented by many wealthy players. But do not worry, even tourists with smaller purses are welcome!

Highlights: Many visitors have reported that the Palm Beach Casino is much more spacious than many other casinos in London. Everything is generously designed, and the casino has small private areas where visitors can enjoy a private game as well.

4. Genting Club – Birmingham

The Genting Club is a good example of why the best casinos are not just in London. This superb casino is located in the English Midlands, in Birmingham.

Highlights: The casino offers more than 22 live table games, from roulette to punto banco and many more. The Genting Club hosts live poker tournaments. So why not sit down with the locals and show them what you can do?

5. Manchester 235

Have a look at this popular casino in Manchester. We do not guarantee great riches, but we promise you a good conversation.

Highlights: There are many slot machines including video poker and video roulette as well as slot machines. The casino is also known for its late-night bar, designed by celebrity chef James Martin. Also look out for the live DJs in the casino. If you have never played in a casino before, the Manchester 235 offers a beginner package to help you learn casino games.