Stefan Jedlicka, “mindgamer”, is on the rise

The young Austrian poker pro Stefan Jedlicka (born 1985 in Vienna) has a good poker year behind him and is currently the chip leader at the Corcord Million in Montesino in Vienna (as of 2 December 2013).

He has made a name for himself at PokerStars with multiple wins on $ 109 freezeouts and $ 100 rebuy tournaments.

Since 2007, one has often heard of Stefan Jedlicka, who at the time already reached fourth place in the Sunday-Warm-Up. He continued to play successfully over the next few years and won in December 2009 whole 131,720 euros at the Montesino Poker Grand Slam.

However, this year has been especially good for Stefan Jedlicka. At the PokerStars Sunday Million on December 1, 2013, he prevailed against 7430 other players and won for the second time within a few weeks a six-figure sum. He became the winner of the Sunday Million and cashed in over $ 220,000 when he beat his heads-up opponent Doommy in the final.

This is what the Sunday Million’s result of 1 December 2013 looked like:

1. Stefan “mindgamer” Jedlicka (Austria) $ 222,934.18
2. Doommy (Lithuania) $ 164,031.89
3. MagicMan254 (Ireland) $ 118,896.00
4. marbog1245 (Sweden) $ 78,768.60
5. Joe Santana (Brazil) $ 60,934.20
6. leggieblufs1 (Australia) $ 46,072.20
7. Boxrod (Canada) $ 31,953.30
8. Henwii22 (United Kingdom) $ 17,834.40
9. king2173 (Austria) $ 11,518.05

This fantastic win came after he finished second in a heads-up against “semaj2” at the PokerStars Sunday Million in October this year, earning $ 129,000.

At present, the Concord Million takes place in Montesino in Vienna. Stefan Jedlicka was chip leader on Monday of this week. The finale will take place today, on the 5th of December.

It is safe to assume that this talented young poker star will still make headlines.