Robert de Niro is the desired candidate for the movie “Gambling Man”

Production company Borsalino Films recently announced that popular American actor Robert de Niro is their prime candidate for the role of Gary Green in the movie “Gambling Man”.

The planned movie “Gambling Man” is based on the eponymous book by Gary Green and follows his life and his antics. Even before his 30th birthday, he won the Pulitzer Prize as a journalist. He also released three folk music albums, had a leadership position in Labor Union, was vice president for Donald Trump, and is a successful businessman. In addition, he is an experienced gambler, poker player and successful casino executive.

Gary Green is regarded as an icon of the modern casino world, working with famous people like Meyer Lansky and Donald Trump. The film company promises the audience an “epic” movie.

Lu Nay of the Chinese company Puji Capital, which will finance the film, said that there is a great deal of interest in de Niro for this role, but that there are still some other actors who might be eligible. Official talks have not yet taken place.