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If you love to play slots for fun and real money, you’re in the right place! Aussie pokies (the Australian term for slot machines) are great fun, and here we have something for everyone. We love It!

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After entertainment with no money involved? Play free download games. Choose from our selection of 3-reel and 5-reel and start playing the pokies games you like the most.

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If you’d like to play at any time whether you’re connected to the Internet or not, go to Download Pokies page and install the pokies games you fancy the most, there are hundreds of games to choose from.

How to win on slots machines

Playing for real money is terrific fun with high-quality animations and music, plus you can win money and become rich overnight when you strike a jackpot. But before you play any games for money, it is a good idea to read how to win slots machines.

Best places to play Pokies

Are you looking for the best slots download? here you’ll find the most entertaining places with the best returns and bonuses to play pokies . Feel free to browse our site, but if you want to start playing straight away.

Progressive Slots Jackpots

Looking for the biggest jackpots one lucky spin can give you? Here’s the list with the current top progressive slots jackpots.

So, how do slots machines work? Is winning at slots pure luck? What do experts say? How to boost your winning chances? What are the exact steps to tip the odds in your favor?

Which Download Pokie Games game pays the most to the players? Is it Poker? BlackJack? It’s slots! And here are the facts:

  • It is true that pokies machines in pubs and regular Download Pokie Games return just 87% to players – a good reason to play at Download Pokie Games only – but on this site we list places proven to return up to 98%. For example, see review of Spin Palace Download Pokie Games (average returns 97.62%).
  • When you check out the list of best slots for the biggest past and present payouts, you’ll see that slots games absolutely dominate the top 10, whereas BlackJack, poker and roulette only occasionally make it on the list.
  • Apart from excellent winning prospects, only slots games can make you rich with a single spin.

What Makes Download Games So Much Fun?

Have you ever thought about what it is that makes pokies so much fun? Let’s face it, out of all the games in a Download Pokie Games it requires the least thought and all that you need to do is sit there and push the spin button.

So how could that be fun?

Frankly speaking, a big part of the ‘fun’ of slots lies in its simplicity. Unlike other games where you have to ponder over your every decision, this is one game where you can just kick back and relax – knowing that there’s nothing for you to do except hit that spin button.

On top of that, it also carries the appeal of Download Pokie Games – where winning always provides a rush of pleasure. Quite simply the idea that you’ve just won cash while doing relatively little to win it provides a nice little burst of satisfaction – which is why gambling is so addictive in the first place.

Combine the two and you have a game that provides the pleasure of gambling with the simplicity of not having to strain yourself in any way whatsoever. In short, this is really the ultimate game of chance for relaxation – which is what makes it so fun and why it appeals to so many people from across the world!

Things that Can Make Pokies More Fun

Are you getting a little bit tired of playing the same games of pokies over and over again? If that is a case the good news is that there are a number of things that can make slots a little bit more fun – provided you look out for them in the Download Pokie Games.

Over the years, features have been added to games of slots and some of them are even fairly popular now. For example, the gamble feature that allows you to ‘bet’ your winnings on a mini game is immensely popular and it could help to rejuvenate your interest in playing.

Alternatively other features that you might want to try include the ‘stop spin’ and ‘nudge’ features.

Of course if you want to change more about slots than just a couple of features, you might want to try some of the newer games of slots that are themed and in some cases even have RPG elements, missions, and so on that you can complete for rewards (in cash!).

When you’re playing pokies and it feels as if you’re working towards a certain goal it can definitely add to the excitement and so it is going to be worth your while to try some of these features out and see if they make things a little bit more fun!

Pokies Payout Percentage

Finding a game of pokies with the highest possible payout percentage is what most players strive to do, and some even go out of their way to visit many Download Pokie Games in order to do so.

Normally you’ll find that payout percentages range from 80% to 98% or so – but is it possible to find a game of slots where the payout percentage is 100% or more?

What that is going to mean is that for that particular game, it is expected that the Download Pokie Games will just break even or actually lose money, which is not something that any Download Pokie Games would want, right?

While that is true, the fact of the matter is that in some of the newer games of free Download Games it is actually possible for the payout percentage to be above 100% – but just briefly. To do so normally requires that you activate certain bonuses, and even then it will only be that high for a couple of spins at most.

So in general, you’ll never find a game of slots with a payout percentage higher than 100% in any Download Pokie Games – but there are some that can attain those lofty heights under special circumstances!