Las Vegas has a remarkable upswing in 2013

The marketing strategies for Las Vegas seem to have paid off, as the major gaming center may see a much-needed boost for 2013, for the first time in years. In November alone, gambling revenues increased by as much as 22.6%, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

November 2013 was the second best month for the Strip in Las Vegas. Compared to 2012, the baccarat game increased by 94%, while other table games recorded growth of 53.5%. Of course, Slot Machines continue to enjoy great popularity, but traditional table games seem to be currently experiencing a renaissance.

Overall, gambling revenue in the state of Nevada increased at 11.9% compared to 2012, and in November alone, casinos took in nearly $ 876 million.

In the latest marketing campaign for Las Vegas, the Gambling Center is portrayed as a cool, cool, modern place to be seen. That seems to have worked, as the Strip raised over $ 529 million in November – much of it was taken on table games such as craps, blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat. Baccarat is especially popular with Asian high rollers.

The Ultimate Fighting Championships, held in Las Vegas in November, helped the Strip as much as the extra Saturday of the same month. In addition, there was the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week Congress with 140,000 attendees, which contributed to the boom of the city’s November revenue.

The best month of the year, however, was February, celebrating the Chinese New Year. Strip revenue alone rose 31.2% this month and 15.1% across the state of Nevada compared to 2012.

The casinos in Las Vegas hope that this trend will continue in 2014.