American Poker Pro escapes two raids

32-year-old professional American poker player Eric Riley was ambushed twice on his way to Kennedy Airport last week – but he hit a bargain for the robbers and escaped with $ 100,000.

The poker player had been at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey since mid-November. He had come to $ 80,000 and added another $ 20,000 during his stay.

During his stay at Borgata, he met a man by the name of Junior. The two men seem to have got along well. According to the police, but Junior must have known that Eric had a lot of money with him.

Junior seems to have offered Eric a ride to Kennedy Airport on December 27, anyway. When Eric wanted to take his bag out of the trunk after arriving at the airport, Junior gave the gas and left with the trunk open.

Eric was shocked, but he wasted no time in giving the cab driver a yellow cab $ 100 and asking him to follow Junior’s car as fast as possible.

They caught up with the thief at a red light. Eric jumped out of the cab and grabbed the bag of money from the open trunk. Junior hit the gas and disappeared with Eric’s suitcase, which contained only his laptop and some clothes.

Before he even had time to recover from the shock, police said a black car next to Eric. The two men in the car pretended to be covert police investigators and offered to drive him back to the airport. Eric was relieved to be offered help and got into the car. He had just begun telling the two men what had happened to him when one of the men brought out a pistol and demanded the money bag.

Eric did not think long. According to the police, he opened the car door and jumped out of the moving vehicle. He rolled over the highway, his clothes tore, he pulled himself to skin abrasions, but he managed to hold on to his purse.

Then he stopped a taxi and found a policeman to whom he could tell the whole incredible story.

Detectives of the PAPD are currently investigating whether these two planned raids were carried out by the same gang.

Riley lives in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and recently won $ 82,000 in a tournament. He has earned $ 261,000 during his poker career and is ranked as the 516th best poker player in the world (according to

With regard to the events of the last week, one can definitely assume that Eric is very lucky.